Guidance and resources – working in an organisation that produces official statistics

Why is the Code important?

Official statistics are an essential public asset. They provide a window on society, the economy and on the work and performance of government. They are fundamental to the judgements and decisions made by the public, by government and by an enormous range of other organisations.

The Code of Practice for Statistics plays an essential role in ensuring that statistics published by government inspire public confidence through demonstrating trustworthiness, and providing high-quality statistics that enhance public value.

Why is the Code relevant to me?

The Code applies to everyone working in organisations that produce official statistics, including senior leaders, policy professionals, communications staff and other analysts. By working in line with the Code, you can protect the reputation of your organisation and allow your organisation to publish and communicate statistics in a way that inspires public confidence.

Working in line with the Code

Have a look at our one-page summary, Understanding the Code of Practice for Statistics (PDF, 0.35MB), to find out how you can work in line with Code.

A one-page summary of what the Code means for senior decision makers and organisational leaders.

One-pager for senior leaders (PDF, 0.18MB)

A guide for policy professionals on which Code principles are relevant to specific competencies in the Policy Profession Standards framework. It aims to help support policy staff in their professional development and use of evidence.

Code guide for policy professionals (PDF, 0.28MB)

A blog by Penny Babb, Head of Policy and Standards in the Office for Statistics Regulation, about how thinking about Trustworthiness, Quality and Value can help policy professionals in their careers.

Blog for policy professionals

Advice for policy professionals on using statistics, developed by the Government Statistical Service’s Good Practice Team. It aims to help policy professionals work effectively with statisticians and other analysts, by introducing some key ideas and concepts to help them ask the right questions when working with statistical evidence.

Advice for policy professionals on using statistics

A one-page summary of how the Code can help communications staff communicate statistics and data.

One-pager for communications staff (PDF, 0.27MB)

A one-page summary of what the Code means for other professions and analysts.

One-pager for analytical professions (PDF, 0.35MB)