Data and methods that produce assured statistics

Quality means that statistics meet their intended uses, are based on appropriate data and methods, and are not materially misleading.

Quality requires skilled professional judgement about collecting, preparing, analysing and publishing statistics and data in ways that meet the needs of people who want to use the statistics.


  • Statistics are based on the most appropriate data to meet intended uses. The impact of any data limitations for use are assessed, minimised and explained.
  • Producers of statistics and analysis use the best available methods and recognised standards, and are open about their decisions.
  • Producers of statistics and analysis explain clearly how they assure themselves that statistics and analysis are accurate, reliable, coherent and timely.

An organisation publishing data or analysis wants to communicate the quality of its data and methods to its audiences.

It can adopt this pillar by considering and describing how it sources and selects data, how it chooses and tests methodology, how it assures itself about the quality of the data and methods and by informing users as to the quality and/or limitations of its statistics and analysis.