Confidence in the people and organisations that produce statistics and data

Trustworthiness is a product of the people, systems and processes within organisations that enable and support the production of statistics and analysis.

It comes from the organisation that produces statistics and data being well led, well managed and open, and the people who work there being impartial and skilled in what they do.


  • People in organisations that release statistics are truthful, impartial and independent and meet consistent standards of behaviour that reflect the wider public good
  • Organisations have clear accountabilities for high quality statistics and analysis, with clarity over who makes decisions and provides leadership on data and analytical issues
  • Organisations commit to releasing their statistics and analysis in an open and transparent manner that promotes confidence
  • Organisations have effective business processes and appropriate resources to support their analytical functions and are open about their plans, priorities and progress
  • People producing statistics and analysis are appropriately skilled, trained and supported in their roles and professional development
  • Organisations look after people‚Äôs information securely and manage data in ways that are consistent with relevant legislation and serve the public good

An organisation publishing data or analysis wants to demonstrate that its outputs are free from organisational vested interest.

It can adopt this pillar by describing how it protects its analysis through governance, oversight and appropriate resourcing.