Statistics that support society’s needs for information

Value means that the statistics and data are useful, easy to access, remain relevant, and support understanding of important issues.

Value includes improving existing statistics and creating new ones through discussion and collaboration with stakeholders, and being responsible and efficient in the collection, sharing and use of statistical information.


  • Users of statistics and analysis are at the centre of statistical production; their needs are understood; their views sought and acted on, and their use of statistics supported
  • Published statistics and analysis are equally available to all, not given to some people before others. They are published at a sufficient level of detail and remain publicly available
  • Statistics and analysis are presented clearly, explained meaningfully and provide authoritative insights that serve the public good
  • Producers are creative and motivated to improve statistics and analysis, recognising the potential to harness technological advances for the development of all parts of the production and dissemination process
  • Statistics and analysis are published in forms that enable their reuse. Producers use existing data wherever possible and only ask for more where justified

An organisation publishing data or analysis wants to communicate the value of its output – the questions it is aiming to address.

It can adopt this pillar by describing the questions, insights and purpose of the publication.