Below Is the list of Items reviewed by the MARP. These are working papers submitted for review and represent ONS methodology at the time of each meeting.

EAP101 – Statistical Disclosure Control in 2021
EAP102 – Hard to Count index for the 2021 Census
EAP103 – Census Coverage Survey Design Strategy
EAP104 – Admin Data Census Population Coverage Survey
EAP105 – Coverage Estimation Strategy for the 2021 Census of England and Wales
EAP106 – The 2021 Census Coverage Adjustment Strategy
EAP107 – Methodology report on coverage matching for the 2021 Census
EAP108 – Removing False Persons (RFP) process for the 2019 Census Rehearsal and 2021 England and Wales Census
EAP109 – Census Process flow – introductory paper for external review
EAP110 – 2021 Census Editing and Imputation Strategy
EAP111 – Developing an ONS Population Spine
EAP112 – Over-coverage estimation strategy for the 2021 Census of England and Wales
EAP113 – Maximising Response Strategy Overview
EAP114 – Independent Methodological Review, Response Chasing Algorithm
EAP115 – Field Prioritisation Algorithm
EAP116 – Maximising Response – Response Profiles
EAP117 – Simulating Census Operations to Inform Resourcing Decisions
EAP118 – An Initial Proposal for the Quality Assurance of the 2021 Census Data
EAP119 – Integrated Population and Characteristics Survey (IPACS)
EAP120 – Imputing linked 2011 Census and administrative VOA data, A feasibility study
EAP121 – Census to census matching strategy 2021
EAP122 – The 2021 Census Coverage Adjustment
EAP123 – Hard to Count index for the 2021 Census
EAP124 – Hard to Count index methedology
EAP125 – Statistical Disclosure Control (SDC) for 2021 UK Census
EAP126 – demographic analysis
EAP127 – CCS 2021 allocation strategy
EAP128 – Infomative sampling in coverage estimation of Census 2021
EAP129 – Estimating population size without a census
EAP130 – Estimating population size without a census results supplement
EAP131 – Enumeration Challenges Report
EAP132 – Statistical Design of Future Population and Social Statistics System
EAP133 – A proposal for population size estimates using administrative data for national 2021 Census Quality Assurance
EAP134 – Impact of Covid on 2021 Census Statistical Quality
EAP135 – COVID-19 Supplement on no field follow-up
EAP136 – Resolving Multiple Responses (RMR) in the 2021 England & Wales Census
EAP137 – Household response profiles for the 2021 Census
EAP138 – Variability Target for Response Rates in Collection
EAP139 – Methodology for assigning Red-Amber-Green status for 2021 Census returns
EAP140 – Forecasting return rates in the 2021 Census
EAP141 – Design of Address Frame, Collection and Coverage Assessment and Adjustment of Communal Establishments in 2021 Census
EAP142 – Measuring Respondent Error in the 2021 Census
EAP143 – Address centric admin combined intelligence dataset (ACID)
EAP144 – Framework quality assurance of admin data
EAP145 – Performance of 2021 Coverage Adjustment Method with Lower Response and Contingencies
EAP146 – Covid Impact Options
EAP147 – Overcrowding statistics derived from VOA number of (bed)rooms
EAP148 – Methodology for decision making on the 2021 Census sex question concept and associated guidance
EAP149 – 2021 Census Statistical Design