Below is the list of items reviewed by the MARP. These are working papers submitted for review and represent ONS methodology at the time of each meeting. These papers have been provided for transparency purposes, if you require an accessible version of the papers below, please email

EAP101 – Statistical Disclosure Control in 2021
EAP102 – Hard to Count index for the 2021 Census
EAP103 – Census Coverage Survey Design Strategy
EAP104 – Admin Data Census Population Coverage Survey
EAP105 – Coverage Estimation Strategy for the 2021 Census of England and Wales
EAP106 – The 2021 Census Coverage Adjustment Strategy
EAP107 – Methodology report on coverage matching for the 2021 Census
EAP108 – Removing False Persons (RFP) process for the 2019 Census Rehearsal and 2021 England and Wales Census
EAP109 – Census Process flow – introductory paper for external review
EAP110 – 2021 Census Editing and Imputation Strategy
EAP111 – Developing an ONS Population Spine
EAP112 – Over-coverage estimation strategy for the 2021 Census of England and Wales
EAP113 – Maximising Response Strategy Overview
EAP114 – Independent Methodological Review, Response Chasing Algorithm
EAP115 – Field Prioritisation Algorithm
EAP116 – Maximising Response – Response Profiles
EAP117 – Simulating Census Operations to Inform Resourcing Decisions
EAP118 – An Initial Proposal for the Quality Assurance of the 2021 Census Data
EAP119 – Integrated Population and Characteristics Survey (IPACS)
EAP120 – Imputing linked 2011 Census and administrative VOA data, A feasibility study
EAP121 – Census to census matching strategy 2021
EAP122 – The 2021 Census Coverage Adjustment
EAP123 – Hard to Count index for the 2021 Census
EAP124 – Hard to Count index methedology
EAP125 – Statistical Disclosure Control (SDC) for 2021 UK Census
EAP126 – demographic analysis
EAP127 – CCS 2021 allocation strategy
EAP128 – Infomative sampling in coverage estimation of Census 2021
EAP129 – Estimating population size without a census
EAP130 – Estimating population size without a census results supplement
EAP131 – Enumeration Challenges Report
EAP132 – Statistical Design of Future Population and Social Statistics System
EAP133 – A proposal for population size estimates using administrative data for national 2021 Census Quality Assurance
EAP134 – Impact of Covid on 2021 Census Statistical Quality
EAP135 – COVID-19 Supplement on no field follow-up
EAP136 – Resolving Multiple Responses (RMR) in the 2021 England & Wales Census
EAP137 – Household response profiles for the 2021 Census
EAP138 – Variability Target for Response Rates in Collection
EAP139 – Methodology for assigning Red-Amber-Green status for 2021 Census returns
EAP140 – Forecasting return rates in the 2021 Census
EAP141 – Design of Address Frame, Collection and Coverage Assessment and Adjustment of Communal Establishments in 2021 Census
EAP142 – Measuring Respondent Error in the 2021 Census
EAP143 – Address centric admin combined intelligence dataset (ACID)
EAP144 – Framework quality assurance of admin data
EAP145 – Performance of 2021 Coverage Adjustment Method with Lower Response and Contingencies
EAP146 – Covid Impact Options
EAP147 – Overcrowding statistics derived from VOA number of (bed)rooms
EAP148 – Methodology for decision making on the 2021 Census sex question concept and associated guidance
EAP149 – 2021 Census Statistical Design
EAP150 – Fractional Counting
EAP150 – Appendix A
EAP150 – Appendix B
EAP151 – Population estimation without a Census (update)
EAP152 – Address Checking
EAP153 – Modelling approach to census to census matching
EAP154 – Methodology for accurately estimating students in Census 2021