Assessment of Vital Event statistics

Assessment of Vital Event statistics (paused)

Our assessment of the extent to which Vital Event statistics, produced by the National Records of Scotland (NRS), meet the professional standards set out in the statutory Code of Practice for Statistics has been paused in light of the current COVID-19 situation and the changes and impacts on some of the statistics.

The Office for Statistics Regulation has been considering the recent work being undertaking by NRS and others to provide data and statistics on COVID-19 and we recognise the efforts being made by analysts to get this information into the public domain. In relation to registered death statistics in particular we have released a statement on 3 April and also published a COVID-19 surveillance and registered deaths data review on 21 April 2020.

Though the assessment itself is paused, user views on NRS’s vital events statistics would still be welcomed. You can contact us via email or if you would prefer to speak to a member of staff please contact Marie McGhee (01329 447702) or Annabelle Parkinson (0208 0390326). Alternatively, our postal address is:

UK Statistics Authority
45 Melville Street