Population and Society

We cover statistics on the size and geographic spread of the population, on the factors driving population change (including births, deaths and migration), and on people’s lifestyles and culture, including sport, language and identity. We want to uphold public confidence in data and statistics on how we are living and engaging within UK society, while enhancing the public value of the statistics to help ensure a wide range of key decisions are reliably supported.

We are carrying out an assessment of the 2021 Censuses in the UK. In October 2019, we published our first report as part of the assessment. We will continue to review how Census offices are complying with the Code as we move toward Census day and the publication of Census outputs.

We are also monitoring the ONS’s progress, working in partnership across the Government Statistical Service, in using administrative data to transform population and migration statistics. We will consider the impacts of this work on the existing statistics including the Migration Statistics Quarterly Report.

You can find details of our recently published regulatory work on population and society statistics below.

Contact:  Liddy Brankley or Marie McGhee or Katy Nicholls or Annabelle Parkinson


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