Dear Sir Robert,

I’m writing to raise concerns over recent comments made in Parliament by the Shadow Chancellor, the Rt Hon. Rachel Reeves MP.

I think we can all agree that the proper use of statistics in public life is essential to trust in our politics. As a result, I am deeply concerned with the recent comments by the Shadow Chancellor who stated during her response to the Autumn Statement on the 22nd November that:

‘The economy is now forecast to be £40 billion smaller by 2027 than the Chancellor said back in March’.

This is wholly inaccurate. The Office for Budget Responsibility’s Economic and Fiscal Outlook shows the UK economy is forecast to be 0.6 percent bigger in 2027 than previously forecast – roughly £15 billion larger than the Chancellor stated in March.

This means that there is a £55 billion gap between what the Shadow Chancellor said in Parliament, and reality. To quote these misleading statistics in the House of Commons Chamber is therefore profoundly misleading and risks misinforming the public on the vital issue of the UK’s economic performance.

I am sure that you will agree that Members of Parliament, have a duty to use statistics – particularly those related to the economy – accurately and in a manner that reflects the influence of an elected representative. I therefore request that you investigate the Shadow Chancellor’s statement and would welcome your view on her remarks.

Yours sincerely,

Shaun Bailey MP
Member of Parliament for West Bromwich West


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