A publicly available record of all the UK Statistics Authority, Office for National Statistics and Office for Statistics Regulation’s select committee submissions, (since 2018), has been made available on the Authority website.

The statistical system regularly submits both written and oral evidence to help advise and inform parliamentarians and democratic debate through parliamentary committees and their inquiries. These inquiries cover many varied topics, from ‘unequal impact: Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the impact on people with protected characteristics’ to ‘regional imbalances in the UK economy’ to ‘the future of social care delivery in Scotland’.

This new resource has been developed to further our commitment to a clear and transparent record of our engagement with parliaments.

Millie Tyler, Head of Parliamentary and Public Affairs at the Authority says:

‘Our regular and incredibly varied evidence submissions directly inform parliamentarians across the UK, and therefore this new resource showcases our hard work over the last few years.  We are so pleased that these evidence submissions are now all in one place and available to all, in keeping with our new strategy launched this year, ‘Statistics for the Public Good.’’