We are looking for academic, public or private sector experts to become part of our “ONS Fellowship”. The ONS Fellows provide innovative analytical and methodological skills to support the ONS to meet its publicly stated objectives around improving statistics and analysis. We are actively seeking a broad group of candidates who can bring fresh perspectives, and a diversity of thought and background. We recruit on merit, not just experience, and would welcome applicants for whom this would be their first advisory role.

As an ONS Fellow, you will bring your knowledge, expertise and a set of specialist transferable skills to help us in the transformation of economic, environmental, population and health statistics.

Fellows work with the ONS in three principal ways:

  • Collectively through the Economic Experts Working Group, which meets six times a year, and is chaired by, and includes representation from, ONS
  • Individually with ONS staff to provide expertise and advice
  • As advocates for economic statistics and their development, and as a conduit of views and information between the ONS and users.

The Fellows collaborate for between 12 and 50 days per year (7.5 hours per day), and the contract will run for a 2-year period between September 2022 and August 2024 for each Fellow.

Candidates should be able to demonstrate strong analytical skills and experience applying them to complex statistical and measurement challenges.  An innovative approach to statistics development or delivery, including digital skills and expertise in developing solutions to measurement problems. You should have a successful track record in improving or developing concepts and methodologies that relate to economic statistics and the measurement of the modern economy.

We are looking for candidates with experience of one or more of the following:

  • The modern economy and National Accounts
  • Household income and consumption
  • Administrative data, the digital economy and real-time indicators
  • Trade and investment
  • Labour markets and households
  • Prices, deflators and quality change
  • “Beyond GDP”: broader measures of welfare and activity, including the environment and “inclusive wealth”
  • Productivity, innovation and business dynamics
  • Subnational (regional and local) statistics and analysis
  • Population and health statistics and modelling

Closing date: 18th July 2022

Once appointed, for payment purposes you will be required to engage with one of our recruitment partners.  ONS will provide you with the necessary information to do that and if you have any questions in the meantime, please email us on: scs.recruitment@ons.gov.uk.

The successful candidate must meet the security requirements before they can be appointed. The level of security needed is Security Clearance.

If you have any questions, please get in touch:

Hiring Contact Caroline Lewis caroline.lewis@ons.gov.uk

To apply, please send your cover letter and CV to the recruitment team scs.recruitment@ons.gov.uk  01633 45555

Please download the applicant pack attached to the right.