The UK Statistics Authority has made some significant changes to our website, based on extensive research from a wide range of users and stakeholders.

All changes took effect at 1540 on Monday 13  July 2020.


Separating out the Office for Statistics Regulation and The Code of Practice.

Historically the UK Statistics Authority website is the single online home for all pages relating to the UK Statistics Authority, the Office for Statistics Regulation and the Code of Practice for Statistics.

As part of some improvements and restructuring to our website, three distinct microsites have been created:

  • UK Statistics Authority (Oversight of the whole statistical system and promote and safeguard the production of official statistics)

  • Office for Statistics Regulation (The statutory independent regulator to ensure that statistics are produced and disseminated in the public good)

  • Code of Practice for Statistics (The Code of Practice provides producers of official statistics with the practices and principles for production of official statistics.)


Users who have bookmarked are encouraged to update their bookmark to one of the above microsites, depending on your area of interest.

All three sites remain part of and the UK Statistics Authority remains in overall charge of data collection and cookies.

Please read our website privacy policy for more information.


Other improvements

We have sought to improve understanding of the different aspects of the UK Statistical System by creating a new simple navigational home page. We have also created a new navigational menu which sits at the very top of the three microsites to aide navigation.

Following feedback we have streamlined our committees’ page, making it easier to find and review agendas, minutes and other information about our board, sub-committees and advisory panels.

Due to the growing amount of correspondence we have archived all correspondence sent on or before 31 December 2017. No correspondence has been deleted, but older correspondence has been moved.

Next steps

We are creating a new page to bring together our work with parliaments which will go live by the end of July 2020.

Your views

As always, we are happy to hear your views on our website. You can email us or complete this feedback form.

If you regularly access a page which you can not find, please let us know and we will do our best to help you.