On 1 April 2008 the Office for National Statistics (ONS) web development programme launched a new central Publication Hub, a new website for the UK Statistics Authority and a revised homepage for ONS.

Issue date: 01 April 2008
Type: Statement

The idea of a Publication Hub came about following consultations on ‘Independence for Statistics’ and has now become a key component of future developments for the UK Statistics Authority. Its aim is to provide a central place through which users of statistics will be able to access the new National Statistics published across Government, separate from any ministerial or political commentary.

The initial launch on 1 April will see National Statistics being published through the central Hub. All other statistics will continue to be published through departmental websites.

However, the new Hub page is only the beginning of a process to update and improve the statistics websites. Developments to the sites will continue with enhancements to the Hub to include a new catalogue of all the key statistics produced by central government, as well as the introduction of a new taxonomy to help users browse and find data more easily. Website users will start to see these developments, and a new improved search facility, over the course of 2008-09.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is adopting a user-focused approach to producing and presenting its outputs. ONS’s publishing strategy aims to better integrate web and print publishing to offer clear and accessible statistical products to customers.

As well as the Hub and catalogue there are also plans to develop a data explorer, in a similar vein to Neighbourhood Statistics. This will provide easier access for the public to the detailed data underpinning ONS analysis and headlines.