Scottish Official Statistics

Ed Humpherson attended the Scottish Official Statistics Conference on 6 October 2016, where he spoke about the value of official statistics and the deep commitment which lies at the heart of the Authority’s regulatory work.

The speech focused on whether official statistics can continue to be relevant in a changing world.  With threats to the value of statistics – coming from the misuse of statistics, obsolescence, and poor quality – can official statistics thrive, or are we victims of the art of the lie?

Trustworthiness, quality, value: what assurance do independent assessments of code-compliance give?

This paper explores the role that independent assessments of statistical systems have in enhancing trustworthiness: including the European Statistical System (ESS) peer reviews. It argues that such reviews are necessary but not sufficient to make the most of investment in official statistics – other steps are also needed (at the European and national level). While a focus on trust is important, the ESS should be building on the foundations of both trust and quality, and concentrating increasingly on ways to enhance the value of European Statistics.

Alliance for useful evidence

Paper for conference: Stats, Facts & Evidence-Checking: what role for evidence in the General Election – and beyond? London by: Ed Humpherson

Whose trust matters most?

Paper for conference: International Association of Official Statistics conference, Da Nang, Vietnam by: Richard Laux and Richard Alldritt

Distilling the Statistical Sea

Paper for conference: International Association of Official Statistics conference, Kiev by: Richard Alldritt and Richard Laux