Statistical Expenditure Report 8: Regional statistics published by the Department for Communities and Local Government

In September 2012 the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) published a report, Changes to the Department’s statistics on Land Use Change, Local Authority Housing Statistics and Regional Outputs: Summary of consultation responses , which included the intended action following the consultation. The report stated that the Department would cease the publication of summary statistics by region in its outputs from October 2012 onwards (except where the publication date had already been announced). It said that the Department would begin to present alternative sub-national geographic data in 2013 and that this would be fully in place by the end of the year.

Statistical Expenditure Report 7: Widening Participation in Higher Education, Statistics for England

In August 2011 the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) published its latest data for Widening Participation in Higher Education1 , headlining for the first time on an analysis of progression rates for young people in England by free school meal (FSM) receipt and school type. The release replaced the previous Widening Participation release, Full-time Young Participation by Socio-Economic Class (FYPSEC) 2, last published in July 2010, which measured progression rates by socio-economic classification. The FSM statistic had previously been published as an annex within the 2010 release

Statistical Expenditure Report 6: Adult Social Care Statistics for England

Following a review of NHS Information Centre (NHS IC) adult social care statistics and a consultation with users and service providers, the NHS IC told local authorities in September 2011 that it had decided to discontinue the statistical data collections of people registered as deaf or hard of hearing, and grant funded services. It also informed the National Statistician and announced the decision on the National Statistics Publication Hub.

Statistical Expenditure Report 5: Scottish Population Surveys

In January 2011 the Scottish Government announced its decision to make a number of changes to its population surveys. The Scottish House Condition Survey will be incorporated into the Scottish Household Survey, and the sample size of the expanded survey will be reduced. The sample size of the Scottish Health Survey and the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey will be reduced by around a third and a fifth, respectively, and the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey will be carried out biennially rather than annually. From 2012 the surveys will be sampled in a co-ordinated way and will ask the same set of core questions, allowing more detailed information at a smaller geography level than was previously available.

Statistical Expenditure Report 4: Statistics on smoking, drinking and health

Statistics on smoking, drinking and health are currently produced from the General Lifestyle Survey (GLF) – a cross-government, national survey that has been carried out by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) since 1971. The NHS Information Centre (NHS IC) has contributed around £300,000 a year to the survey in recognition of the importance of the data to health policy, but has proposed to cease its contribution with immediate effect, pending approval of its business plan. Without this contribution, ONS will not be able to cover the costs, resulting in the immediate discontinuation of long-established National Statistics on smoking, drinking, health conditions and the use of health services.

Statistical Expenditure Report 3: Scottish Schools Statistics

In October 2010 the Scottish Government announced that it would proceed with a number of changes to statistical publications relating to schools. Five sets of statistics will be discontinued: information on pre-appeal examination results, placing requests, children educated out with school, independent schools and teacher vacancies. The remaining statistics, including statistics on pupils, teachers, pre-school and childcare, and school leavers, will be combined into three compendia publications. In the light of responses to consultation , the Scottish Government will maintain the collection of data on school meals. It will also maintain the collection and publication of statistics on pupil exclusions, attendance and absence, but on a less frequent basis.

Statistical Expenditure Report 1: The Citizenship Survey

The Citizenship Survey was first conducted in 2001. It was originally biennial but moved to a continuous design in 2007, allowing data to be published on a quarterly basis from April 2007. The Survey was first carried out by the Home Office but transferred to the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) from 2005, from which point its coverage was restricted to England only.