DatesDestinationPurposeTravelOther (including hospitality given)Total costs
Professor Dame Carol PropperNo expenses claimed
Professor Sir David SpiegelhalterNo expenses claimed
Ed Humpherson18 January 2023NewportMeetings164.2020.10184.30
24 January 2023CambridgeCommunicating Mathematics for the Public Event55.0067.23122.23
8 February 2023NewportSite visit70.4070.40
20 February 2023EdinburghSite visit217.2080.10297.30
1 March 2023ManchesterMeetings83.1083.10
3 March 2023 Cheltenham SpaSite visit to GCHQ 93.2093.20
8 March 2023NewportSite visit70.4070.40
27 March 2023EdinburghSite visit207.7074.00281.70
Sir John AstonNo expenses claimed
Dr Jacob AbboudNo expenses claimed
Professor Jonathan HaskelNo expenses claimed
Ms Nora NanayakkaraNo expenses claimed
Ms Penny Young22 February 2023LondonUKSA Board meeting74.44179.10253.54
Sir Robert ChoteNo expenses claimed
Mr Richard DobbsNo expenses claimed
Ms Sian JonesNo expenses claimed