Information needed Response
Title and link to statistical output Historical statistics notices on poultry and poultry meat production, 2020
Name of producer organisation Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Name and contact details of person
dealing with report
Andrew Scaife
Name and contact details of Head of
Profession for Statistics or Lead
Link to published statement about the
breach (if relevant)
Date of breach report 18/02/2021

Information needed Response
Relevant principle(s) and practice(s) Trustworthiness - T3.6 (Statistics should be released to all users at 9.30am on a weekday)
Date of occurrence of breach 18/02/2021

The Historical statistics notices on poultry and poultry meat production, 2020 were due to be published at 09:30 on 18 February 2021. Just after 09:30 on 18 February, the drafting officer, who had prepared the page the previous day, alerted the authorising officer via email that the historic statistics had not been published as scheduled. This email was read and actioned at 09:36. The page went live at 09:38. Due to an oversight this page had not been authorised for publication the day before, which led to the delay.

The historical data was not available for 8 minutes. We were not contacted by any member of the public during this time.

The final check for publication release includes a thorough check for outstanding pages requiring authorisation. This check is undertaken at close of play on the day before publication and there can be many publications scheduled for the same day. On this occasion, due to human error, one of the outstanding pages was missed.

The Head of Profession Support Team will alert other publication teams in Defra to the circumstances of this breach to try and avoid re-occurrence in other areas.