Information needed Response
Title and link to statistical output Consumer price inflation UK: March 2021
Name of producer organisation Office for National Statistics
Name and contact details of person dealing with report Debra Prestwood
Name and contact details of Head of Profession for Statistics or Lead Official Statistical Head of Profession, Office for National
Statistics, Government Buildings, Cardiff Road,
Newport, NP10 8XG.
Link to published statement about the breach (if relevant)
Date of breach report 27/04/2021

Information needed Response
Relevant principle(s) and practice(s) Principle 3: Orderly release
Practice 6: Statistics should be released to all users at 9.30am on a weekday.
Date of occurrence of breach 21/04/2021

Consumer Price Inflation, UK: March 2021 was due to be published at 07:00 on 21 April 2021. Due to the volume of material being published, the release was split into two collections for publication. The first collection, containing all bulletins and datasets published as planned.

The second collection, containing all the time series data, was delayed by 38 minutes. While the first collection was published as planned, the second collection was delayed due to an error in processing in the morning. This was resolved and published within 38 minutes, the headline figures for CPIH on the ONS Homepage were not updated during this time.

No reports received from users or stakeholders.

Publishing Team have adapted processes to resolve the issue and are exploring whether time series data can be made available to start the publishing process earlier.