1. 10:00-10:05 – Introduction – Sir Bernard Silverman
  2. 10:05-11:00 – EAP180 – Statistical Population Dataset: version 4 and beyond – Becky Tinsley/Dominick Thompson/Justine McNally
  3. Break opportunity (15 minutes)
  4. 11:15-12:00 Producing Social Statistics from Admin Data: a progress update and path towards case studies on sub-national multivariate admin-based statistics (presentation) – Alison Morgan/Jo Harkrader/Sam Pendleton
  5. 12:00-12:15 – Census Update – Cal Ghee
  6. 12:15-12:20 – Actions Update – Dominick Thompson
  7. 12:20-12:25 – AOB – Sir Bernard Silverman

Panel Members

(In person) 

  • Sir Bernard Silverman (Chair)  

(via teleconference) 

  • Prof David Martin 
  • Prof Natalie Shlomo  
  • Prof Ana Basiri 
  • Dr Nik Lomax 

Office for National Statistics

(In person) 

  • Dominick Thompson (ONS Secretariat and Presenter) 
  • Alison Morgan (ONS Presenter) 
  • Jo Harkrader (ONS Presenter) 

(via teleconference) 

  • Sarah Henry (ONS Senior Responsible Owner) 
  • Owen Abbott (ONS Lead) 
  • Rachel Skentelbery (ONS Attendee) 
  • Becky Tinsley (ONS Presenter) 
  • Justine McNally (ONS Presenter) 
  • Cal Ghee (ONS Presenter) 
  • Gareth Powell (ONS Attendee) 
  • Charlie Wroth-Smith (ONS Attendee) 
  • Greg Payne (ONS Attendee) 
  • Samantha Pendleton (ONS Presenter)  


  • Dr Oliver Duke-Williams 

1.    Introduction

  1. The chair welcomed attendees to the session. It was agreed that future meetings will continue to be held hybrid with in-person attendance encouraged. 

2.  Census Update

  1. Becky Tinsley, Dominick Thompson and Justine McNally presented on the Statistical Population Datasets. 
  2. The panel questioned the purpose of the Statistical Population Dataset within an estimation framework to produce official statistics. ONS replied that the SPDs were currently feeding into the development of the proof-of-concept Dynamic Population Model, which will produce coherent admin-based population estimates. In light of data supply issues, ONS further explained the approach had been to understand what was possible with the data available and define the estimation challenge through Census linkage. 
  3. The panel sought assurances that an agreement was in place for the admin data sources which had to be withdrawn to be resupplied to the ONS.  The panel highlighted the need to enshrine an ongoing and regular supply of admin data to the ONS and communicate the impact and costs that supply issues can have on the ONS delivering its objectives. 
  4. The panel highlighted the strong coverage of those at pensionable ages in SPD v3 and questioned the relative merits of using HES in the v4 method once State Pension data became available. ONS responded that HES had good coverage of a variety of ages and held the potential to provide more up to date demographic information. 
  5. The panel commented on the population distribution of the SPD without income data sources, particularly a drop off at 40 years old and peaks at 55 and 67 years old and that this reflects patterns of interactions with the health data sources ONS agreed that this knowledge could be incorporated into ongoing inclusion rules. 

ACTION: Sir Bernard Silverman to draft a letter outlining the need for an assessment of the impact of admin data supply issues on ONS producing statistical research towards and beyond the 2023 Recommendation. 

3. Producing Social Statistics from Admin Data: a progress update and path towards case studies on sub-national multivariate admin-based statistics. 

  1. Samantha Pendleton, Alison Morgan and Jo Harkrader presented on work carried out to date towards the production of sub-national multivariate admin-based characteristics statistics. 
  2. The panel questioned whether the current work on ethnicity had incorporated families and household groupings to derive or assume correlated information. ONS responded that this work could be picked this up in future but given that ethnicity should be self-defined, there are likely to be ethical challenges in deriving an ethnicity using data from other members of the household. 
  3. The panel asked to be kept abreast of publication plans for this work. 
  4. The panel agreed to continue to review the content of the slides via correspondence. 
  5. The panel requested a paper outlining the methods underpinning the slides to be developed and presented to the panel prior to or at the next meeting. 

ACTION:  Dominick Thompson to make the slides and speaker notes available for review via correspondence. 

ACTION:  Samantha Pendleton, Alison Morgan and Jo Harkrader to present a paper to the panel prior to or at the next meeting. 

4. Census Update 

  1. ONS provided an update on Census operations. 

5. Actions Update  

  1. The panel and ONS agreed that the Census evaluation phase had begun and the use of digital prompts in online data collection to increase coverage will be reviewed. Action 92 closed. 
  2. No other actions were closed. 

6. Any other business

There was no other business.