• Professor Martin Weale
  • David Caplan
  • Robert Heath
  • Professor Paul Mizen
  • Professor Rebecca Riley
  • Professor Mairi Spowage
  • Nick Vaughan


  • Professor Sir Ian Diamond
  • Millie Campbell
  • Suzanne Fry
  • Richard Heys
  • Mike Keoghan
  • Simon Rigby
  • Nicola Shearman
  • Cliodhna Taylor
  • Phillip Wales

1. Apologies

  1. No apologies were received.

2. Welcome

  1. Professor Weale welcomed the committee, staff, and Professor Sir Ian Diamond to the inaugural NSCASE meeting.
  2. Sir Ian thanked members for agreeing to be part of the Committee. He said he was looking forward to receiving recommendations from the Committee.

3. Introductions

  1. The room and those online introduced themselves.

4. National Statistician on the Committee’s remit

  1. Following on from his points in the introduction, Sir Ian reinforced that the ONS, with the help of the Committee, have the opportunity to produce world-leading statistics reflecting ONS’s responsibility to produce quality statistics that have a positive impact on citizens.

5. ONS priorities for NSCASE and forward work plan [NSCASE(22)01]

  1. Richard Heys and Dr Philip Wales presented this paper which summarises the main international statistical guidance used in the compilation of the UK’s economic statistics and provided an overview of the updates planned to this guidance over the next several years. It presented some key considerations for NSCASE, as well as an initial framework for grouping proposals likely to be brought before the Committee over the next two years.
  2. Members of NSCASE were invited to:
    1. Consider the various forms of guidance currently used in the production of UK Economic Statistics;
    2. Consider and provide feedback on the proposed mechanisms for providing briefing to NSCASE and offer views on the content which they would like to see when considering an issue of guidance; and
    3. Consider and provide feedback on the outline log of guidance issues on which ONS will likely seek NSCASE’s perspective and advice.
  3. In considering the options set out in the paper for its future work, the Committee welcomed the constructive role the UK is playing in updating international standards, recognising the importance of international comparability of data while taking account of UK specific needs.
  4. The Chair expressed his thanks on behalf of the Committee to ONS staff for their work producing this paper.

6. Discuss Terms of Reference

  1. The Committee were invited to discuss the draft Terms of Reference. Some minor suggested changes will be presented to the National Statistician for his consideration ahead of the Terms of Reference being formalised and published on the UKSA website.

7. Committee Members to share views on the NSCASE remit and strategic objectives

  1. The Committee discussed their remit and how they would achieve strategic objectives.
    1. It was agreed that the Secretariat would develop, in consultation with the National Statistician, NSCASE and the UKSA, a work plan which included a prioritised list topics for NSCASE to consider. This will be presented at the next meeting.
    2. It was agreed that advice would be given to the National Statistician through the meeting minutes. If required explanatory notes will be provided to explain how the committee arrived at its recommendation.

8. Discuss pressing issues: Industrial Classifications – UK Adoption [NSCASE(22)02]

  1. Suzanne Fry presented a paper highlighting that an international review of industrial classification of economic activity is underway; explains the absence of UK legal requirements to continue to align with the European classification system; and outlines plans to launch a user consultation on this issue.
  2. Members of NSCASE were invited to:
    1. note the absence of legal requirements to align with a classification in the UK;
    2. note the international review progress;
    3. note the need for consistency in treatment of cross-cutting issues being considered in the System of National Accounts (SNA) and industrial classification reviews;
    4. note plans for a UK consultation on desired level of international alignment;
    5. comment on how they would like to be involved; and
    6. The Committee requested a further paper on NACE and ISIC, including a recommendation. This will inform NSCASE advice to the National Statistician. The decision will be reached by circulation if required.
  3. The Chair expressed his thanks on behalf of the Committee to ONS staff for their work producing this paper.

9. Any Other Business and date of next meeting

  1. The next meeting will take place on Monday 19 September 2022.

The papers that informed this Committee meeting are attached as a PDF document for transparency. If you would like an accessible version of the attached papers, please contact us at