Eleventh meeting of the National Statistician’s Data Ethics Advisory Committee

Meeting agenda:

  1. Minutes and matters arising from the previous meeting
  2. Chair’s report
  3. Ethical review of the Crime Survey for England and Wales
  4. Linking mortality and prescription data
  5. Students’ suicide statistics
  6. ADRN: Developing persistent dataset for projects within the Data for Children research theme
  7. DCMS  Update on the Ethics Commission on Data Use
  8. Self-assessment process for ethical consideration
  9. Ethical guidelines for social media research
  10. Ethnicity from names
  11. An exploratory study for estimating the outflow of Welsh speakers from Wales to England from the 2011 Census and the Patient Register
  12. ADRN: Identifying household and family risk factors for hospital admissions in children
  13. ADRN: Social and Economic predictors of the sever mental disorders
  14. MRP: Transport Model development for West Berkshire Council
  15. Ethical considerations for ONS acquisition of NHS Digital Data
  16. Any other business