Seventeenth meeting of the National Statistician’s Data Ethics Advisory Committee

Meeting agenda:

  1. Minutes and matters arising from the previous meeting
  2. Transfer from the University of York to ONS of the production of the quality adjustment and development of quantity output for the National Statistics publication, Public Service Productivity: Healthcare
  3. Pay As You Earn Real Time Information: Improved Pre-Processing and its Utility for Labour Market Analysis
  4. Focus groups with children to explore what matters to their well-being
  5. Environmental and Socio-Economic Impact Assessment for Siting of Geological Disposal Facilities
  6. Adding gender identity questions to the Crime Survey
  7. Update on Qualitative research to inform a feasibility study of whether a child abuse prevalence survey could be effective
  8. Update on Extending the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) to include a new module of questions on the online behaviour of children aged 10-15 years
  9. Online Crime Survey for England and Wales
  10. Prize draw incentives use in a web-first survey
  11. Any other business