Becoming a member of the National Statistician’s Crime Statistics Advisory Committee

About the Committee

The National Statistician’s Crime Statistics Advisory Committee is a non-statutory body established by the National Statistician. The Committee uses expert knowledge to advise the National Statistician how best to ensure that official statistics on crime for England and Wales are accurate, clearly presented, comprehensive, transparent and trustworthy taking account of the needs of users and providers.


About the role

As a valued member of the Committee you will be expected to constructively challenge and contribute to the strategic development of crime statistics when the committee meets. Meetings occur three times a year so a commitment of around six days is necessary for the role. While there is no remuneration involved, reasonable (second class) travel and subsistence costs will be reimbursed.


About you

First and foremost, you have a wealth of relevant experience and a strong understanding of just how valuable statistics are, both within and outside government. You appreciate the importance of crime statistics, whether they are to be used for research, analytical or other purposes. Your expertise goes hand in hand with your desire to provide a clearer understanding of the overall picture of crime, for the public good.



Meetings are held in London.  Successful candidates will be expected to attend three meetings annually.



Unsalaried. Reasonable second class travel and expenses covered.


Period of Appointment

The appointment is for three years, the possibility of renewal for a further similar period will be available.


Interested in becoming a member?

We periodically look to refresh the membership of the Committee. To find out if a position is available please contact email the committee.

If a position is available you will be required to provide a CV and covering letter setting out your interest in the role.