Meet the ADRN Board

The Chair of the Administrative Data Research Network (ADRN) Board is Professor David Hand, OBE, a non executive member of the UK Statistics Authority Board. David Hand OBE was appointed as Chair by the Board of the UK Statistics Authority, in consultation with the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) in April 2014 for a five year term. Sharon Witherspoon MBE was appointed deputy Chair to the ADRN Board by the ESRC in February 2015.

The ADRN Board consists of four other non executive members and a lay member all of whom were appointed through open and fair competition. The non executive members are Professor Denise Lievesley CBE, Dr Andrew Garrett, Luke Sibieta and Penny Young. The lay member is Colin Godbold.

The Board also consists of nine executive members. They are Jonathan Athow (Deputy National Statistician Economic Statistics), Dr Fiona Armstrong (Deputy Director of Policy, Resources and Communications, ESRC), Peter Benton (Director of Data Collection, ONS), Peter Smith (ADRN Director), David Frazer (Director of Information Governance and Security, DWP), Daren Warren  (HMRC) and representatives from the devolved administrations: Glyn Jones (Wales), Roger Halliday (Scotland) and Ms Siobhan Carey (Northern Ireland).

Non Executive Members

  • Professor David Hand (Chair)
  • Ms Sharon Witherspoon (Deputy Chair)
  • Mr Luke Sibieta
  • Ms Penny Young
  • Dr Andrew Garrett
  • Professor Denise Lievesley
  • Mr Colin Godbold

Executive Members

  • Mr Daren Warren
  • Dr Fiona Armstrong
  • Mr Peter Benton
  • Mr David Frazer
  • Mr Jonathan Athow
  • Mr Glyn Jones
  • Mr Roger Halliday
  • Ms Siobhan Carey
  • Mr Peter Smith