2024/25 Strategic Business Plan

8 April 2024
Last updated:
1 May 2024

Annex A: 2024/25 Key Milestones

The table below shows a selection of our key milestones for 2024/25. This is not an exhaustive list of deliverables over the year. The key milestones contribute to delivery of our priority outcomes and will require ongoing engagement across wider government for delivery, for example in relation to data sharing. Plans are subject to resources yet to be confirmed through the Main Estimates (as explained in the Resources section) and may be revised through the year to reflect any changes in context or priorities.

Key milestoneDue date
Publish official annual population estimates.31 July 2024
First release of Annual Births and Deaths statistics.30 September 2024
Climate and Health platform early launch.30 October 2024
Deliver core Statistical Business Register (SBR) functionality.31 October 2024
Production and publication of Pink Book 2024, including coordination with the wider Annual National Accounts.31 October 2024
Publish official population projections for UK at national level.29 November 2024
Development and publication of experimental Interregional trade estimates (subject to funding by Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities).30 November 2024
Move remaining Business Surveys (BRES/BRS, ASHE, Prices Suite, FSS) from paper to an online solution.17 March 2025
Publish official Migration Statistics.31 March 2025
Publish official Travel and Tourism Statistics.31 March 2025
Produce timely and relevant monthly Public Sector Finances statistics, introducing improvements in data and methods to reflect changes in the activities of government and the wider public sector.31 March 2025
Publish official demographic statistics and analysis.31 March 2025
Publication of regular labour market outputs to pre-announced schedule.31 March 2025
Publication of regular business survey outputs to pre-announced schedule. Delivery of key business survey outputs to quarterly and annual National Accounts to agreed deadlines.31 March 2025
Publication of regular Gross Domestic Product and National Accounts related outputs (excluding Blue Book) to pre-announced schedule.31 March 2025
Publication of the annual Blue Book to pre-announced schedules.31 March 2025
Delivery of key outputs related to the Gross National Income requirements as per the UK withdrawal agreement.31 March 2025
Produce timely and relevant monthly Consumer Price Inflation statistics, including meeting our statutory obligations to continue to produce Retail Price Index statistics.31 March 2025
Make further improvements in the quality and coverage of public services’ productivity, focussed on agreed priority services, including where possible for the estimates for the Devolved Administrations.31 March 2025
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