Executive summary

At the UK Statistics Authority (UKSA), our mission is to provide high quality data and analysis to inform the UK and improve lives. A commitment to inclusion and diversity is at the heart of UKSA’s organisational strategy and People Plan, critical to being an employer for all, and in our delivery of statistics for the public good.

UKSA continues to build on our ambition to be an inclusive environment where colleagues at all levels reflect the diversity of the communities we serve, bringing their individual experiences, skills, and perspectives to the work we do. It is crucial that we continue to create a workplace in which everyone has a positive, meaningful, and purpose-driven experience of work.

We regard our gender pay gaps as a key outcome measure of our work on inclusivity.  We are delighted that we have seen a decrease in our mean gender pay gap this year, highlighting our progress and the clear success of corresponding interventions, such as our Mutual Mentoring schemes. The targeting of our 2022 pay increases towards our lowest paid colleagues, a higher proportion of which are women, has also contributed to this decrease.

We have made significant progress in increasing the representation of women at senior grades, but we remain focused on improving this further as it remains the key driver towards decreasing our pay gaps even more. We are seeing the impact of measures implemented in recent years, such as our Women into Leadership programme and we continue to implement actions to improve the diversity of our workforce.

We continue to explore and develop our understanding of UKSA’s pay gaps across different workforce groups so we can identify and tackle inequality for all colleagues. We want our analytical practices to speak to the experiences of everyone in society, so that everyone counts and is counted, and we seek to adopt this same inclusive approach to our internal, organisational practices such as pay and reward.

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