Organisational context


Inclusion is one of UKSA’s strategic pillars, and we aim to be inclusive in our approach to our workforce, talent management, and the design of data, statistics and analysis.

Our Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) strategy focuses on five key areas:

  • Build a coordinated approach to I&D across the organisation.
  • Hardwire I&D into everything we do, ensuring accountability is shared across the organisation.
  • Build representation of underrepresented groups and support their career progression, identifying and addressing barriers to success.
  • Continue to build our reputation as an inclusive and equal opportunities employer.
  • Improve and develop our evidence base, using data to inform decision making.

UKSA has an internal I&D Steering Group, reporting to the People Committee, whose role is to monitor the progress and implementation of our strategy and drive forward positive change.  Membership of the group includes senior leaders, employee networks, internal communications, trade unions and members of the People & Business Services Directorate, including Inclusion, Culture and Wellbeing team members.

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The UK Statistics Authority (UKSA) is an independent body at arm’s length from government, and has a statutory objective of promoting and safeguarding the production and publication of official statistics that ‘serve the public good’.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is the executive office of the Authority and is the largest producer of official statistics in the UK. A large majority of the Authority’s staff work in the ONS.

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