User Checklist

This checklist is to help highlight the key steps you should take when using the self-assessment form to evaluate the ethics of your project. It also highlights some of the key people or business areas that you may wish to discuss your self-assessment/ project with in order to ensure the legality of your project.

  • Made the appropriate checks that the use of data is legal

  • Completed the Basic Information section

  • Completed the Weightings for Sensitive Research Areas section

  • Completed the Item drop down selection and justifications section

  • Shared self-assessment with appropriate colleagues to receive feedback

  • Shared self-assessment with the Data Ethics team for feedback (this is an essential step, regardless of your self-assessment outcome).

Please send completed self-assessment forms to for feedback before commencing your project. Please note that the completed self-assessments submitted to the UK Statistics Authority may be subject to a compliance review audit.

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