Annex C: Strategic Risks

Independence & trustworthinessThe risk that the statutory independence of the UK Statistics Authority is, or is perceived to be, compromised by political interests or commercial relationships
Keeping pace with the analytical priorities of societyThe risk that the UKSA does not identify or prioritise answering the key analytical questions by not sufficiently engaging in, or being aware of, the evolving public policy debate.
Security: cyber, information, insider & physicalThe risk of information security mismanagement, insider activity, or a cyber-attack or physical attack. With a focus on preventing a major data breach.
Trust through our communicationsThe risk that the UKSA does not demonstrate transparency, openness, accessibility, quality, and timeliness in our public communications.
Data access & usabilityThe risk that the UKSA does not have or is unable to obtain regular and sustainable access to the required administrative data (admin and survey) to deliver on its commitments and ambitions; and/or it is unable to process acquired data due to usability or quality issues
Quality statisticsThe risk that the quality (and/or perception of quality) of UKSA output diminishes due to the scope, nature and focus of statistics changing, in addition to the use of wider data sources, the streamlining of processes, legacy technology and updated methodological approaches.
Our peopleThe risk that the UKSA is unable to build a workforce that is agile and adaptable to change; we are unable to attract, mobilise and retain individuals with the best analytical and professional skills; we are unable to build a diverse and inclusive pool of talent and/or; we are unable to enhance the sustainability, wellbeing and resilience of our workforce.
Ability to accurately measure population and migrationThe risk that the UKSA fails to provide a credible evidence base for the 2023 Census recommendation by Parliament due to a lack of robust and responsive population and migration statistics.
Technological resilienceThe risk that the UKSA technology estate (inc. software, systems, services, and platforms) is unreliable, obsolescent, or no longer supported.
Delivery of strategic ambitionThe risk that the UKSA is not adequately funded and/or is not internally structured in a way that enables it to respond with agility, both to prioritise resources and deliver the portfolio (existing and new/emerging demands).
Collaboration with strategic partnersThe UKSA fails to make the most of, or take, opportunities to collaborate across Government (inc. the GSS), and with appropriate external partners.
Inclusivity in our statistics and analysisThe risk that the UKSA’s presentation of society is not inclusive and reflective of all aspects of the UK’s rapidly changing economy, demographics, and policy priorities.
Public health monitoring, analysis, and reportingThe risk that the UKSA’s remit is unclear in public health monitoring and surveillance and it is unable to adequately resource to deliver.
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