Our Structure

The following information sets out our organisation structure.

The United Kingdom Statistics Authority (UKSA) is our governing body. Sir Robert Chote is the Chair of the Authority Board. His term began on 1 June 2022 when he took over from Sir David Norgrove. Professor Sir Ian Diamond is the Board’s Chief Executive, National Statistician and Permanent Secretary. The National Statistician also leads the Government’s Statistical Service and Analysis Function.

The National Statistician’s team comprises six direct reports:

  • Sam Beckett, Second Permanent Secretary, Deputy Chief Executive and Joint Head of the Government Economic Service.
  • Mike Keoghan, Deputy National Statistician for Economic, Social and Environmental Statistics.
  • Alison Pritchard, Deputy National Statistician for Data Capability.
  • Pete Benton, Deputy National Statistician for Health, Population and Methods.
  • Nick Bateson, Chief Finance Officer.
  • Rob Bumpstead, Chief of Staff.

There are 15 Directors:

  • Darren Morgan, Director of Economic Statistics, Production and Analysis.
  • Grant Fitzner, Chief Economist and Director of Macroeconomic Statistics and Analysis
  • Vacant, Director of Economic Statistics Change
  • Emma Rourke, Director of Health Analysis & Pandemic Insights
  • Liz McKeown, Director of Public Policy Analysis
  • Simon Sandford-Taylor, Director of Digital Services and Technology
  • Sarah Henry, Director of Methodology and Quality
  • Fiona James, Director of Data Growth and Operations
  • Arthur Turrell, Interim Director of Data Science Campus
  • Philippa Bonay, Director of People and Business Services
  • Nick Bateson, Director of Finance, Planning and Performance
  • Owen Brace, Director of Communications and Digital Publishing
  • Pete Stokes, Director of Integrated Data Service Programme
  • Alex Lambert, Director of Survey Operations
  • Jennet Woolford, Interim Director of Health, Population and Methods Transformation

There are three other key posts that report to either the National Statistician or the Second Permanent Secretary because of the nature of their roles:

  • Head of Internal Audit, Tristan Morten-Spencer (reports to the National Statistician)
  • Chief Security Officer, Andy Wall (reports to the Second Permanent Secretary)
  • Data Protection Officer, Ross Young (reports to the National Statistician)
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