8. Papers presented to APCP-Technical during 2021 and 2022

*Where links have not been provided the papers have not been published, reasons are documented in the published minutes for each panel meeting, and typically relate to the paper being a draft of a future publication or containing market sensitive material. Publication of each specific paper is discussed at each meeting.

January 2021APCP-T(21)01 Research indices using scanner data*The latest research undertaken into the use of scanner data in our consumer price indices
January 2021APCP-T(21)02 Refunds in scanner data*Preliminary advice on how to consider refunds in scanner data
January 2021APCP-T(21)03 Classification of Alternative Data Sources*An update on clothing classification and research for grocery classification
January 2021APCP-T(21)04 Weekly online price changes for food and drink items methodology*Challenges presented by producing weekly price indices, as well as our plans for improving the indices in the coming months
April 2021APCP-T(21)07 Lenders’ formula method for mortgage interest repayments

APCP-T(21)08 Current mortgage interest payments methodology: a review
These papers present work to review the method used to calculate mortgage interest payments in the current Household Costs Indices estimates.
April 2021APCP-T(21)09 Dealing with product churn in web-scraped clothing data: product grouping methodsMethods and metrics under consideration for forming homogenous groups of products in web-scraped data, to reduce the effect of product churn.
April 2021APCP-T(21)10 Approximating Sales Quantities for Web Scraped UK Grocery Data*Methods for producing sales quantity approximates for products at the elementary aggregate level.
April 2021Outlier detection and filtering methods for UK web-scraped and scanner dataMethods for anomaly detection to apply to scanner and web-scraped CPI data.
July 2021APCP-T(21)11 Integration of scanner and web-scraped data into consumer price statistics: aggregation and weightsProposals and remaining challenges for the integration of scanner and web-scraped data into consumer price statistics
October 2021New index number methods in Consumer Price Statistics*Through the Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence, the ONS commissioned a review of the framework, led by Kevin Fox and Peter Levell
October 2021APCP-T(21)14 Redeveloping private rental market statistics*Discussions of the proposed method to measuring rental price statistics
October 2021APCP-T(21)15 Weights update, 2022An approach for calculation of weights for the CPIH and CPI for 2022
October 2021APCP-T(21)16 Measuring mortgage interest payments in the Household Costs IndicesResearch on the methodology for mortgage interest payments
January 2022APCP-T(22)01 Transformation of UK consumer price indices: Impact Analysis, 2022*An outline of the updated consumer price transformation timeline and a summary of the impact analysis of the inclusion of Alternative Data Sources in the measures of consumer price inflation
January 2022APCP-T(22)02 Transformation of UK consumer price indices for rail faresUsing new transaction level data to produce price indices for rail fares, and the impact of these on UK consumer price statistics.
January 2022APCP-T(22)03 Transformation of consumer price indices for second-hand carsProposed methods for the calculation of second-hand car indices in the UK using online car listings data
May 2022 (correspondence)Treatment of the upcoming energy rebate (Council Tax)Proposed treatment of the April 2022 Council Tax rebate in consumer price inflation statistics.
July 2022APCP-T(22)07 Terms of
reference for the APCP-T*
The terms of reference for the operation of the Advisory Panel on Consumer Prices – Technical
July 2022APCP-T(22)09 Multilateral index methods: introducing the GEKS Törnqvist*Materials to provide step-by-step guidance on using the GEKS-Törnqvist and splicing techniques to improve the accessibility of these methods to wider audiences
July 2022APCP-T(22)10 Research indices using scanner data*An update on the latest research undertaken into the use of scanner data
October 2022APCP-T(22)12 Index methods: framework for using multilateralsLower-level index methods choices needed in preparation for introducing alternative data sources in 2023
October 2022APCP-T(22)13 Data cleaning within alternative data sourcesData cleaning methods (primarily outlier detection and junk filtering) for use with alternative data sources
October 2022 (Joint with APCP-S)APCP-S(22)06 Transformation of UK consumer price indices: rail fares and second-hand cars*Progress and readiness assessment in implementing new data for rail fares and second-hand cars in consumer price statistics.
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