9. Papers presented to APCP-Stakeholder during 2021 and 2022

*Where links have not been provided the papers have not been published, reasons are documented in the published minutes for each Panel meeting, and typically relate to the paper being a draft of a future publication, containing market sensitive material, or already published as part of the Technical Panel publications. Specifically for the Stakeholder Panel, many of the discussions and updates held are verbal. Publication of each specific paper is discussed at each meeting.

January 2021APCP-S(21)01 ADS Roadmap Update January 2021An update on the progress made against the Alternative Data Sources Roadmap and the plans over the next two years
April 2021APCP-S(21)02. Revisions Policy for the RPI*Presentation of the proposed changes to the RPI Revisions Policy
October 2021APCP-S(21)04 Update on the Alternative Data Sources DiscoveryProgress to implement ADS data within the measures of consumer price inflation
October 2021APCP-S(21)05 Measuring mortgage interest payments in the Household Costs Indices
APCP-S(21)06 Accompanying slide pack
Summary of the Measuring MIPs in the HCIs paper presented at the Technical Panel
October 2021APCP-S(21)07 Weights update, 2022An approach for calculation of weights for the CPIH and CPI for 2022
January 2022APCP-S(22)01 Transformation of UK consumer price indices: Impact Analysis, 2022
APCP-S(22)02 Transformation of UK consumer price indices: second-hand cars
APCP-S(22)03 Transformation of UK consumer price indices: rail fares
Overview of the work to prepare indices for second-hand cars and rail fares in consumer price inflation measures
July 2022APCP-S(22)04 GEKS-Törnqvist guidance: multilateral indices within inflation statisticsPanel feedback on the ONS’s initial draft of multilateral index methods guidance.
July 2022APCP-S(22)05 Research indices using scanner data: progress reportAn update on the latest research undertaken into the use of scanner data
October 2022 (Joint with APCP-T)APCP-S(22)06 Transformation of UK consumer price indices: rail fares and second-hand cars*Progress and readiness assessment in implementing new data for rail fares and second-hand cars in consumer price statistics.
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