Minutes and Meetings

Meeting agendas, papers and minutes

To ensure NSDEC maintains its commitment to transparency, where there has been ethical consideration of a proposal outside of NSDEC’s quarterly meetings, the application and summary of comments will be reviewed and published as part of NSDEC’s next meeting.

All meeting agendas, papers and minutes can be found on the UK Statistics Authority website.


List of projects considered by NSDEC

A record of all projects considered is recorded below:


NSDEC meeting dateTitleLink to the meeting minutes
04/02/2020Developing ONS’ Household Financial Statistics through the linkage of administrative data to household financial survey dataNSDEC Feb-20
04/02/2020Pilot record linkage study: Vulnerable Persons and Vulnerable Children’s Resettlement Scheme dataNSDEC Feb-20
04/02/2020Social Factors Impacting Offending and Resettlement in Northern Ireland- Mortality within the Offending PopulationNSDEC Feb-20
01/04/2020Investigating vulnerabilities linked to serious youth violence using linked DfE and MoJ dataNSDEC Apr-20(1)
NSDEC Jul-20
01/04/2020Parental separation and educational inequality: Any evidence for growing disadvantage or ‘diverging destinies’ across three recent cohorts?NSDEC Apr-20(1)
01/04/2020ONS Sustainable Development Goals and Facebook CollaborationNSDEC Apr-20(1)
21/04/2020Incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection and prevalence of immunity to SARS-CoV-2 in the UK general population as assessed through repeated cross-sectional household surveys with additional serial sampling and longitudinal follow-upNSDEC Apr-20(2)
NSDEC Jul-20
02/07/2020NSDEC Briefing on COVID-19 Surveillance StudiesNSDEC Jul-20
02/07/2020Data Science Campus Rapid Ethical Review Process for COVID-19 ProjectsNSDEC Jul-20
02/07/2020Ethical application of funneling methodology for prosecution of refusals in the 2021 CensusNSDEC Jul-20
02/07/2020ESRC Early Life Cohort Pilot Study-proposed sampling and participant recruitment planNSDEC Jul-20
CorrespondenceCOVID-19 Crime Survey telephone operationNSDEC Correspondence-20
CorrespondenceTo determine the population-level relative risk of hospitalisation or death
that COVID-19 presents to people with different socio-demographic
characteristics and co-morbidities
NSDEC Correspondence-20
CorrespondenceMental Health of Children and Young People in England, 2020NSDEC Correspondence-20


NSDEC meeting date Title Link to the meeting minutes
08/02/2019Qualitative research to inform a feasibility study of whether a child abuse prevalence survey could be effective NSDEC Feb-19
08/02/2019Extending the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) to include a new module of questions on the online behaviour of children aged 10-15 years NSDEC Feb-19
08/02/2019Using linked administrative datasets to understand international migrants’ interactions with the health sector NSDEC Feb-19
08/02/2019Linking Welsh Cancer Data to the ONS Longitudinal Study NSDEC Feb-19
08/02/2019Data for children: assessing the impact of family background on the outcomes of children in England NSDEC Feb-19
07/05/2019Investigating the health outcomes of hospital patients from rural and urban areasNSDEC May-19
07/05/2019Urban redevelopment baselining for urban redevelopment projectsNSDEC May-19
02/07/2019Pay As You Earn Real Time Information: Improved Pre-Processing and its Utility for Labour Market AnalysisNSDEC Jul-19
02/07/2019Focus groups with children to explore what matters to their well-beingNSDEC Jul-19
02/07/2019Environmental and Socio-Economic Impact Assessment for Siting of Geological Disposal FacilitiesNSDEC Jul-19
29/10/2019Management and Expectations Survey (MES) feedback and trialNSDEC Oct-19
29/10/2019Qualitative research exploring the ethics of asking selected questions on the Crime Survey for England and Wales by online data collection modeNSDEC Oct-19
NSDEC April-20(1)
29/10/2019Research on homeless mortality among St Mungo’s clientsNSDEC Oct-19


NSDEC meeting date Title Link to the meeting minutes
16/01/2018Ethical review of the Crime Survey for England and Wales NSDEC Jan-18
16/01/2018Linking mortality and prescription data NSDEC Jan-18
16/01/2018Students’ suicide statistics NSDEC Jan-18
16/01/2018An Exploratory study for estimating the
outflow of Welsh Speakers from Wales to
England from the 2011 Census and the
Patient Register
NSDEC Jan-18
16/01/2018ADRN: Identifying household and family risk
factors for hospital admissions in children
NSDEC Jan-18
16/01/2018ADRN: Social and Economic Predictors of
the severe mental disorders
NSDEC Jan-18
16/01/2018MRP: Transport Model Development for West
Berkshire Council
NSDEC Jan-18
24/04/2018Investigating suicide risk among high risk occupations using coroners’ inquest records in EnglandNSDEC Apr-18
24/04/2018MRP: Measurement of Vulnerability of Children and Young People in EnglandNSDEC Apr-18
24/04/2018MRP: Understanding the split between NHS and non-NHS income for community pharmaciesNSDEC Apr-18
24/07/2018Social media analysis of public perceptions to inform question developmentNSDEC Jul-18
24/07/2018Investigating Mental Health Analysis Programme- Phase 1NSDEC Jul-18
30/10/2018Improving administrative based population and migration estimates using Hospital Episodes Statistics dataNSDEC Oct-18
30/10/2018Feasibility study to model health state prevalence estimates for use in the derivation of health state life expectancies in EnglandNSDEC Oct-18
30/10/2018Census–Refugee Matching: Feasibility, 2009 cohort (CRM:2009)NSDEC Oct-18
30/10/2018Informing GLA’s local development planning responsibilities under the New London PlanNSDEC Oct-18
30/10/2018Estimation of price elasticities of demand for alcohol and tobacco products in the United KingdomNSDEC Oct-18


NSDEC meeting date Title Link to the meeting minutes
04/07/2017​Heritage Economic Impact Indicators 2017 NSDEC Jul-17
04/07/2017​Design skills for innovation and productivity NSDEC Jul-17
04/07/2017Impact evaluation of the Apprentice Rate increase NSDEC Jul-17
04/07/2017Estimating Income from administrative data NSDEC Jul-17
10/10/2017A study of European citizens living in the UK NSDEC Oct-17
24/01/2017Study on the effects of migrant workers on London’s economy NSDEC Jan-17
24/01/2017Quantifying the extent and variety of incidents involving suicide on England’s strategic road network NSDEC Jan-17
24/01/2017Data analysis to inform research on the size, scope, dynamics and geographic clusters of digital tech industry activity in the UK NSDEC Jan-17
28/04/2017The societal impacts of sewage odour NSDEC Apr-17
28/04/2017Impact evaluation (Phase I and II) of the Innovate UK Technology and Innovation Centre network (Catapults) NSDEC Apr-17
28/04/2017​Study of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the UK as part of the European Commission’s SME Performance Review 2016/17 NSDEC Apr-17
Veterans in Great Britain: Linking administrative data from the Veterans Leavers Database with Census 2011 NSDEC Apr-17


NSDEC meeting date Title Link to the meeting minutes
11/10/2016Exploring differences in the reporting of Welsh Language ability: Anexploratory study linking survey and Census data NSDEC Oct-16
19/04/2016Using paradata to select participants for follow-up research NSDEC Apr-16
19/04/2016​Scottish Government - Education Identifiers- Read Through NSDEC Apr-16
27/01/2016A national survey of mother and infant health NSDEC Jan-16
27/01/2016Paediatric National Survey of Bereaved People (VOICES) NSDEC Jan-16