Annex B: Strategic Objectives

1. Priority Analysis

To provide engaging and timely analysis on the UK’s most important economic, social and environmental issues.

2. Priority Data

To enable innovative data use and cross-government analysis through a range of critical data from targeted sources.

3. Quality National Statistics

To deliver high quality core National Statistics and drive a culture of continuous improvement.

4. Transformed economic and social statistics

To transform our systems for economic and social statistics to provide more sustainable, timely and flexible insights to inform the UK.

5. Future tools

To support output priorities using innovative technology and policies that actively manage and control the organisations technical debt.

6. Sustainable business model

To deliver the UKSA strategy using our skills and resources in the most efficient, effective and sustainable way.

7. Accessible outputs

To engage the public in the UK’s most important statistics and analysis, in the most inclusive and innovative way.

8. One ONS Culture

To engage our colleagues to continue to work towards an inclusive organisation and culture, reflecting the society we serve.

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