Key milestones timeline

The following timeline was correct at the time of writing. (April 2021)

May 2021

Develop unified corporate systems innovation strategy and prioritised roadmap.

June 2021

Launch a multi-disciplinary analytical hub

September 2021

Publish the recommendations of the Inclusive Data Taskforce

September 2021

Changes to meet international legislative requirements for Gross National Income implemented

September 2021

Integrated Data Service for Government Consumers (Private Beta)

October 2021

Trade improvements implemented in ANA 2021

October 2021

GDP estimates using double deflation integrated in National Accounts

February 2022

All code of practice requirements met to enable National Statistics Accreditation of 2021 Census Outputs

March 2022

Outputs of Census 2021 – first release of the high-level population estimates

March 2022

Integrated Data Service for Accredited (Non-Gov) Consumers (Initial Operating Capability – Public Beta)

April 2022

Move all business surveys online

February 2023

Alternative Data Sources used in the headline measure of CPI and CPIH

March 2023

Basic Integrated Data Service (Full Operating Capability) Complete

June 2023

Transformed Population and Migration Statistics System delivered

December 2023

Recommendation on the future approach to Census and Population Statistics