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16 June 2022
Last updated:
16 June 2022

Vision and Core Principles

Mission statement - High-quality statistics to improve lives globally

The work of the international development team will be aligned to the UK statistical system’s strategy principles by being:

  • Radical in the expansion of subjects covered and scope of advice, keeping pace with innovation within the ONS and looking to work alongside a wider group of experts to prepare statistical systems for the future.
  • Ambitious in our reach and impact across the developing world working adaptively to prioritise and respond to changing and complex environments.
  • Inclusive in our engagement with partners and their stakeholders in the development and implementation of their work and promoting inclusivity of data as part of collection, analyses and dissemination.
  • Sustainable in the relationships and partnerships we build, prioritising activities that will deliver meaningful impact and long-term change.

This strategic plan fits within the UK statistical system’s Statistics for the Public Good strategy which recognises the importance of international collaboration in the production of high-quality comparable statistics and data to address global issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Successful collaboration in the modern statistical world must be international too. As the pandemic and environmental issues have vividly demonstrated, users need data that can be understood in the international context, not in national isolation. We will provide global statistical leadership in those fora, and on subjects central to the UK’s interests. We will promote transparency and high standards, and support coherence and comparability across the global statistical community. And, we will continue to work with, and learn from, our partners in the developing world to ensure statistics and data are at the heart of the UK’s development policies and agenda, and provide help to those most in need.”

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