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16 June 2022
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16 June 2022

Delivering this strategic plan

Delivery of this strategic plan will be centred on building strong collaborative relationships with partners, enabling each partnership to learn from each other’s experiences. Whilst we will be led by our partners’ priorities, we will also use our influence and expertise to steer the direction of the work so that it is aligned with UK foreign policy.

We will align our activities to objectives set out in the UK Government Statistical Service’s international strategy.


Over the next three years we will strengthen existing partnerships with NSOs and build new ones, expanding into new countries and regions. We will draw on the successes and lessons learnt from where we have successfully built capability within NSOs, such as in data science, data collection and reporting of SDGs. We will look to offer these as distinct products or packages to new partners. We will also explore opportunities to build new capability and capacity in areas of strategic interest including, but not limited to, climate change, health and gender statistics.


We will lead the UK government’s statistical development in developing countries, expanding our networks and drawing on expertise from a range of relevant areas of the ONS and beyond. We will continue to co-lead activity with relevant bodies as part of developing regional leaders and statistical systems for the future.


We will use our expertise to influence the global statistical system to support developing countries as well as in helping NSOs in developing countries to employ new ways of work to ensure their statistics are relevant to users and serve the
public good.

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