National Statistician’s Inclusive Data Advisory Committee

Following conclusion of the Inclusive Data Taskforce (IDTF) a new National Statistician’s Inclusive Data Advisory Committee has been established. Like the IDTF, the Committee members are a diverse group of senior academics and civil society leaders who collectively have wide ranging equalities expertise. The Committee is part of the framework established to monitor and review progress towards the recommendations of the Taskforce (recommendation 2.1). They provide independent advice to the National Statistician on aspects such as:

  • Prioritisation of initiatives, providing scrutiny and challenge to the progress being made
  • Updating harmonised data standards, and how best to consult on changes
  • Improving data accessibility and engaging the public
  • Potential collaborations to develop the work

The Committee was established in October 2022 and is chaired by Dame Julia Cleverdon. They will meet at least four times each year. The minutes and papers from each meeting will be shared on this website.

National Statistician’s Inclusive Data Advisory Committee – Member Biographies

The Committee has representatives with expertise in four key areas of the Inclusive Data Principles: Equalities data Data ethics and inclusiveness Accessible data and evidence (data security and widening access…